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Zyther 226

2267, September 2nd: The first wave of ECF forces and colonists land on Ezutania. After a day of exploration, a suitable site for a colony is located near what has been dubbed the "Sweetwater Marshes". ECF physicists, many who are experts in Zyther harnessing technologies, determine that the Zyther on Ezutania is not only more abundant than other known sources, but also more powerful and thus more unstable. That is because the Zyther on Ezutania has been discovered to be an isotope of element 113 (Zyther). The isotope, Zyther 226, emits extremely high levels of radiation which can be fatal, or even lead to extreme mutagenic effects. Zyther 226, has 6 more neutrons than Zyther 220, the stable element. ECF scientists work overtime to invent a mechanism in order to safely mine Zyther 226 without risking the deaths/injury of personnel, such as that of the AR's Frontier Expeditionary Pioneers who unknowingly got too close to Zyther 226 over the last several days. Despite the AR's disapproval of the ECF having settled on Ezutania, the ECF shares this discovery with the AR anyhow, in a show of good faith.

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