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Yargu's Resolve

2267, September 10th: Yargu Vakun, Chief Elder of the Shari Clan, approaches the dying SER Sentinel on the snow. Him and his men stood no chance against the Shari fleet Ballast bombs, which exploded with corrosive acid in the area, eating through their armor and flesh. Struggling to breath and paralyzed from the waist down, the Sentinel stares up to the alien creature who has kneeled beside him. Through mind-telepathy conveyance, the Shari Chief speaks to the wounded human soldier. "Your species has fallen", a hostile and foreign voice speaks in the mind of the Sentinel. Hatred and tears filled his eyes, he was helpless to fight back as the voice continued unceasingly. "I swore an oath to uphold the balance of nature the day I was consecrated as Chief of my clan. We have watched humanity for untold Eons, protecting your kind even as you ventured into the cosmos from your sacred world which you destroyed. But your wars have gone on for long enough. You bend the will of creation towards destruction and have forced our hand. Now, the very nature which causes you to destroy one another, threatens the existence of my kin. I cannot allow this, human. I cannot allow the consequences of your evil to destroy my people. What I do now is a just cause. We have deemed you unworthy of the gifts of the cosmos. Now die in peace." The Sentinel's vision fades to black as he draws his final breath. Elder Magra, standing by Yargu, speaks telepathically to his brother. "Yargu, Krog and his pod have located the base containing the relics of the Vol'Anak (Firstborn). Yargu stood up, glancing one final time at the slain Sentinel before replying, "By Atakar's will, brother. Gather the relics, bring them to my ship." Magra asked one final question of his Chief, "And the other human settlements of this world?" "Bring down the celestial stones upon them," Yargu replied. Having found what they were looking for beneath Avonia, the Shari prepare for the extermination phase.

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