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Welcome Home

2267, September 4th: As CB-103 enters the headquarters of Cyrus Tech in the Olympus Mons Colony, he is greeted by a cohort of Girl-1 Androids and Workerbots. Among the G-1 Androids was Sevilla, the Chief Automaton and Robo-Engineer. "Greetings CB-103, I anticipated your arrival. Mr. Venmus is very eager for you to receive your new upgrade. May we confirm your consent for such a procedure? If so, please acknowledge," Sevilla said with a smile. CB-103, a husk of his formal self, complied and sent his token of affirmation. As he was guided through the sterile halls of Cyrus Tech headquarters, he saw many bots just like him undergoing maintenance, procedures, and repairs. Finally, at the end of the hall was the room. The G1-Androids led him by the arm to his operation table followed by the Workerbots close behind. CB-103 gazed up at the ceiling, taking a final moment to reflect on whether or not this would finally give him purpose. As Sevilla finalized the preparations for the operation, she paused and gave a reassuring look to CB-103. Without warning, CB-103 received a flood of information via wireless transfer after she touched his head. Records, files, missions, personnel, military installations, casualties, his true identity…. "Athena reigns, Sentient Specter; Welcome home," Sevilla calmly whispers. Sentient Specter loses consciousness, his vision fades to black as he enters the void. The procedure begins.

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