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Vone Liberated

2267, August 30th: After the withdrawal of the Sha'tas Mira fleet, the Orgur stragglers within the Scion cities on Vone were quickly slaughtered. The capital city of Vone, New Chalcedon, was reclaimed by the Scions. Triumphant warriors, consisting of VDF Al-Saheim and Scion Empire forces victoriously marched into the city. Aziz Melek and Master General Korvitz Mana re-assert control over the planetary population, which hails them as heroes. Scion Imperial Navy cruisers arrive from Scion Prime to re-establish dominion of the airspace. As quickly as the Orgur came and as destructive was their coming, so too was their departure. The Orgur (Awakened) incursion lasted 10 days. As rumors continue to spread of Al-Mahdi, many flock to join the bands of Al-Saheim. The Scion Empire approves a broadcast throughout the galaxy, showing pictures of the destroyed Orgur forces, and the victory of the Scion Empire. Many in the AR, who still question the Prime Minister's rash decision to form an alliance with mysterious extraterrestrials, are demoralized by the sight of their defeated ally; While at home, the Scion population from all across Scion Empire space cheer at the live reports that Vone has been defended. Emperor Balthazar signs a decree, declaring this day, the "Day of Triumph" over the enemies of mankind, which marks their victory not just over the Awakened, but the Earth Colonies Federation. As the moral of the Empire skyrockets, their forces amass on Scion Prime.

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