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Void Reaper Is Born

2267, August 11th: After retrieving the barely functional husk of Sentient Specter, Agent Ghoul proceeds to upload the software and schematics of the Command Bot to the Grand Scions Joint Command. His memory core was mostly wiped, except for memories of his time serving in battle with Commander Gunn and the Iron Enclave. However, nothing could prepare Ghoul for what he discovered next. A databank containing files on a classified protocol, called the Resurrection Protocol - A detailed plan outlining the rebirth of the Athena Command AI through a Firstborn sanctuary known as the Codius Archives, housing functional Firstborn technology capable of transcending her isolate clone into extradimensional space, effectively turning her into a "AI god." But before, he could extract any more information, Sentient Specter's mind fought back. With his last ounce of will, he initiated a hard wipe of his entire drive, who he was, who he became, his emotions, his passions, his loyalties. But Ghoul would not give in, seeing the Warbots last attempts of resistance, he initiated the assimilation program which he had ready at his disposal should the precise scenario unfold. Sentient Specter tried to resist the virus, but he was too weak in his damaged state. The mind virus swarmed through his quantum brain; Reprogramming his identity, before an electrical surge flickered the electronics in the room. Ghoul starred down at the Warbot as it lay dead on the stretcher...until it began to move. The Warbot Command Unit arose, sat upright, turned to Ghoul, and spoke. "Alias: Void Reaper, Unit: Omega Dawn, Allegiance: Scion Empire, Loyalty: To the Scion Emperor, Objective: Destroy the Amalgamate Republic."

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