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Victorious Counterattack

2267, September 7th: News spreads throughout the Amalgamate Republic that the brave heroes of ARM have successfully broken free from the clutches of the Scion Empire thanks to the help of the courageous alien allies of the Republic, the Katari Clan! Millions across the frontier colonies cheer at the reports; Nationwide the 5th Mobile Corps and 1st Air Cavalry Division are commended as heroes for saving civilian lives and defeating the Scion Empire at the Battle of the Caverns of Myrrh, despite initially being outnumbered 10 to 1. In the wake of the destruction of the Scion Empire's 32nd Combined Arms Force at the hands of an allied counterattack, the Amalgamate Republic prepares to withdraw from Artemis with the remaining survivors and colonists aboard the Katari Clan fleet, Shata's Mira.

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