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Triumphant Entry

2267, August 7th: Grand Scion Dmitry Sokolov and commanding officer of the First Scion Legion enters Northom triumphantly after 20 days of battle in the wartorn city, having finally killed or captured the majority of the AR invaders in Northom. While the AR did not capture the city, such was never their intent. Rather, inflicting as much damage as possible in retaliation for the invasion of Mara 9 and putting pressure on the Emperor, to potentially sue for peace, was the goal. Many SE military & political officials, targets, and logistical support systems on Scion Delta were neutralized. Since the start of their guerilla operations on Scion Delta, followed with the raid of Northom, AR forces have dealt a serious blow to the stability of the planet. Much of the population is divided between loyalists who view the AR as nothing more than violent extremists, while the other half views them as liberators of an oppressive and uncompromising regime. Sympathy can be traced back to the initial actions of the Scion Empire against the Amalgamate Republic on Artemis, almost 7 months ago. Furthermore, this conflict which initially began as the result of a police action has drawn out and claimed dozens of thousands of lives. However, the Emperor is determined to bring the secessionists back into the fold. Now, after securing what is left of the heap of ruins that has become of Northom, Grand Scion Sokolov shifts his focus toward stomping out the insurgency and bringing back stability to the 2nd most important planet of the Scion Empire, Scion Delta.

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