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Triple-M (3M) [Men of Many Masks]

2267, September 6th: "I must say Chief Director, I'm impressed; But the move was a schedule" the Man in the White Mask said to the Man in the Blue Mask. The Man in the Blue Mask reclined into his chair, surrounded by his fellow brothers of Triple-M (Men of Many masks). "It wasn't hard to convince the NPP to give up Gunn. Once they handed him over, all he needed was a little nudge in the right direction; Besides, he always wanted revenge for what Gerard did to him, he was the right man for the job," the Man in the Blue Mask replied. The Man in the Red Mask stood and applauded. "Wonderful job Carlson, you're a real talented bastard." "I learned from the best," Carlson replied, toasting to the Man in the Red Mask. The Man in the Green Mask interrupted bringing urgent news. "Dr. Williams has contacted me. The long-awaited revolution is in now motion. With his support, my men can begin to extract the Zyther on Ezutania." The Man in the Blue Mask took a deep pull from his freshly lit cigar, "and what of the Archons?" he said after he exhaled. They all looked to the Man in the White Mask, waiting for an answer. After a moment, he uttered "Elric will take care of them." "Today brothers, we hail our forefathers" the Man in the White Mask declared. "We are one step closer to liberating mankind from the shackles of our suffering."

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