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Total Lockdown

2267, September 5th: Nearly a month after the nuclear attack on the Economic District of Scion Prime, the planet is still on a never-before-seen heightened state of alert. Most leisurely freedoms have been suspended as martial law is in full effect. Day in and day out, the streets remain vacant, patrolled by elite forces, as mobilization rises. Plazas and central zones of transportation become hubs for military staging areas. Never before have the people of Scion Prime seen the world like this. On every street corner, in every hyperlane, ads and sirens Blair out their warnings. "A galactic crisis has been declared by the Emperor of the Scion Empire. Please remain indoors. This is an interstellar emergency. Report to your nearest SERA (Scion Emergency Response Administration) officer for further information." The people of Scion Prime are still recovering from the effects of the nuclear attack. Some estimates suggest the total deaths are now up to a million, counting the deaths of those who died afterwards from severe radiation exposure. The Scion Ministry of Health places the expected death toll within the next 6 months - 1 year of reaching 1.3 million.

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