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Thorn Is Unleashed

2267, September 4th: Lord Maximus Lanzo and his most trusted warriors commence the ritual to unleash the Firstborn survivor from their sarcophagus, recovered by the Solar Blood Hands from the Atlantis I site on Mars. The watchful eyes of the Archons proceed over the ritual. It was the 2nd sarcophagus of its kind to be found with a living Firstborn; First being Duntana who was retrieved by the Scion Empire. However, as Maximus Lanzo channels dark ether to corrupt the survivor, the Firstborn bursts forth from his tomb. Fate would have it that this was the one Firstborn the Archons despised the most; "Thorn", a ruthless and powerful killer who not even they could control. Thorn served no one but himself and he was the only known creature to have ever killed an Archon. He survived the Great Purge, millions of years ago, after accepting help from the Sanctuary, A group of Firstborn hierarchs. Now with the Archons hopes of acquiring a Firstborn who would lead their armies gone, they task Maximus Lanzo with finding Thorn before he can derail their plans.

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