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Thorn Entombed in the Holocrypt of Vol

3,133,237 B.C [FLASHBACK]: As the Firstborn civilization crumbles around them, the last of the Hierarchs band together to form the Sanctuary; A hypergate network of Holocrypts, designed to preserve the survivors of the Great Purge in stasis. Their civilization was besieged by a coalition of intelligences that saw their expansion as a threat to the universe. The few survivors that remained sought to preserve themselves in a 50 million year long slumber. Pure bred and half bred Firstborns among their society were chosen to enter the ark of their salvation. Among them was Thorn, a notorious renegade who could not be subdued nor controlled. He single handedly destroyed Zalxion, a Greater Archon and Lieutenant of Abaddon. The death of Zalxion at the hands of a mortal sent shockwaves throughout the known-universe. Hierarch Ulma, the only person whom Thorn loved, convinced her lover, Thorn, to enter the slumber with her, since he would be hunted down by the "higher powers" for the annihilation of Zalxion; Hence, Sanctuary would be their safest option. Thorn accepted and was entombed on the Holocrypt of Vol (Mars) with Ulma.

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