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The Ulma Beacon

2267, August 17th: For what felt like an eternity, Dorgan Gunn had awoken from the darkness. He found himself zooming past stars at what seemed like the speed of light until he landed in the bioluminescent pool. He examined his surroundings, but there were was no question about where he was, his helmet computer indicated he was on Earth. How he got there, he can't remember. All Gunn could recollect was the terrible sight of the Archonic Firstborn warriors who tore through the Polar Phantoms. He was telekinetically lifted in the air by one of them, before they aimed their weapons at him, intending to execute him. He was sure he would perish, but Athena intervened, activating the Codius Archives defenses against the Firstborn; They were swiftly vanquished. With no time to spare before more would arrive, she then used the Prophet's quantum teleportation network to send Gunn to Earth, she told him "Follow the coordinates to the Ulma beacon, active it, for humanity has an ally at the Galactic Core, the mortal enemies of the Archons. If you fail, humanity will not survive." His computer indicates it's been 5 days since that all happened and that he is somewhere on Puerto Rico; With the coordinates updated to his helmet computer and far behind enemy lines, Dorgan Gunn has no choice but to find the Ulma Beacon.

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