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The Tempter

2267, September 4th: Hoshi-san concluded through the intel found aboard the Ryu that Takeshi Handan is located on Savannah alongside operatives of the Solar Blood Hands. For what, he did not exactly know, however he was aware of the ongoing battle for control over the world between Scion Empire and Amalgamate Republic forces. Fearing that Takeshi's trail might go cold, Samurai Hoshi-san goes into hot pursuit. With the Atlas Corporation fleet "Handan Strength" Hoshi's forces spring into action. As they enter the system, they find an unusual calm and silence. Normal radio frequencies that would be bursting with signs of civilization seem to have vanished. As the fleet approaches Savannah, they begin to notice a thick chaotic storm which engulfs it. Massive amounts of debris are detected in a high-orbit above Savannah of both AR & SE vessels. The way is treacherous, no one has ever seen the planet like this before. Hoshi is greatly terrorized by this sight and can't help but feel that somehow Takeshi is connected. From the safety of his flagship the "Katsumoto", Hoshi-san orders a landing party of some his best men to investigate the largest colony on Savannah, Swaggah. As the AC dropship pierces the geo-magnetic storms, the sight of a city in ruins comes into view. Destroyed buildings and strange obelisks mar the land below. Faint magenta lights are scattered across the city as strange machines canvas the ruins for what appear to be survivors, whom are quickly captured against their will. The AC dropship flies low to avoid detection, but suddenly their aircraft controls are commandeered by an unknown force; The dropship is forced to land. As the Mercenaries exit their craft and create a defensive perimeter, horrified by their surroundings, a blinding light appears above them. Hoshi-san attempts to contact the landing party...but a faint, unfamiliar and disturbing voice replies through the comms. "Your salvation is at hand."

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