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The Story Begins

In 2245 the Earth Colonies Federation declared an interstellar emergency due to lack of resources, decades of instability, and cultural alienation of different colonial populations. The ECF mismanagement of colonies led to galaxy wide famines. Furthermore, planetary biospheres across the galaxy began to collapse due to insufficient maintenance of terra-forming operations as interstellar cargo shipments halted completely. Civil war soon gripped the colonies and a new military junta formed, the Scions of Earth( A group of generals serving the ECF dissatisfied with the conditions politicians had allowed to perpetuate). The incompetence of the ECF council led to a historic coup in which the half the ECF armed forces defected in favor of the Scions political views and invaded the home-world, Earth; And started what is known as the "Battle for Terra". The Scions of Earth nearly captured all of Earth's cities - They were hailed as liberators. Before their victory could be complete, the ECF council did the unthinkable and used thermonuclear weapons. This triggered an unstoppable domino effect of nuclear retaliation in which Earth itself became mostly uninhabitable. The ECF was completely destroyed and the Scions of Earth remained the only standing military power on Earth.

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