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The Reckoning of Thorn

3,133,238 B.C [FLASHBACK]: The last of the Firstborn refused to continue to serve their Archon masters and their quest to dominate all life in the known universe; As a result they were punished by their overlords. The home world on which they were seeded by the Archons was targeted. The Dynamo, an Archonic super weapon designed to consume the energy of entire galaxies and expel the energy in concentrated form, blasted Vol's atmosphere with gamma rays. Vol's oceans evaporated, the wildlife died, and the land became scorched and barren. Millions of Firstborn perished. When Thorn learned of the calamity that had befallen Vol, his hatred towards the Archons was kindled. A deep rage within him powered him to no end; His determination to destroy the Archon knew no bounds, though up to now, he did not believe it was possible. As he returned from the Andromeda Galaxy to the Milky Way, he tracked down Abaddon and his Dynamo. As he boarded the star-sized engine, he was stopped by the Firstborn minions which were still loyal to the Archons. One by one, Thorn cut threw them all until only Abaddon and his Archon Lieutenant Zalxion remained. To reach them, Thorn channeled all his strength, spirit, ether, and mental fortitude into tearing a whole through space-time; He entered the 4th Dimension and there he encountered Zalxion who guarded Abaddon's throne. Thorn charged Zalxion and the battle of the gods commenced. However, Zalxion did not last long as within seconds, Thorn cut through his astral body, annihilating his consciousness and soul in the process. Abaddon was terrorized at the sight of Zalxion's soul obliterated before him. Thorn now had Abaddon in his sights...but then, the one the Orgur call "Atakar" intervened. Abaddon greatly feared the Ancient One known as Atakar and realized it was him who gave Thorn the power to kill Zalxion. Atakar raised his hand and with a swift wave, bound Abaddon to the abyss until the appointed time.

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