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The Immortal Scarabs

2267, September 4th: As the Archons had enveloped the last of the 13th ISC, the blinding light of the Tempter engulfed them. Their eyes were opened, and they saw saw that they fought the very gods they had worshipped all along. On Mars they had adored the Egyptian gods of old, especially Ra, which was chief of them; It was tradition for those of the 13th ISC to take up Egyptian gods as patron protectors. Through mind-telepathy conveyance, the Tempter revealed the truth. That they were the ones that had propped up ancient Egypt, that they were the gods who the Egyptians had served. Now the 13th Imperial Scarabs Company were reborn from the ashes of the underworld and arose as the personnel guardians of the Archons who would join the ranks of the Firstborn. Knighted as the Immortals Scarabs by Abaddon himself, they were initiated into the ancient rites of the occult ways and gifted with the powers of the Archons.

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