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The Eye of Kin

2267, September 9th: Aboard the Shatas Mira fleet, Elder Shakaten Tuqolka and his trusted Zulxi warriors open the Eye of Kin. Channeling their psychic power, the rift begins to appear. As the images of a distant battlefield form slowly in front of them, Major General Girda of the 1st Air Cavalary Division recalls the the events of the past few days. Without the Katari clan warriors standing by his side, him and many others would have never made it off of Artemis. It had been 2 days since the Battle of the Caverns of Myrrh, and Major General Gidra had only just as much time to prepare his men for yet another battle. Tuqolka had discovered that his brother, Yargu Vakun, had struck on Joss with the Shari Clan. With little time to spare, Tuqolka and Gidra agree that they must immediately reinforce the AR before Avonia is completely eradicated. The images begin to get clearer and soon Gidra is starring at the outskirts of Avonia, which has been occupied by the Orgur Shari forces. "How is this possible? How can you see what is happening on Joss?" Gidra wondered. Tuqolka turned to face Gidra. Tuqolka's words rang clear in his mind, but in his own voice. "Our kind are consciously and psychically attached to one another. Each clan is one, yet we are individuals. We all come from the Lorm which binds us even in far distances. We cannot escape this reality. The closer we draw to them, the more we can see. They too can see us, if they wish. They will know we are coming. But Yargu must pay for his actions." Once again looking down at the images formed by the tethered minds of the Orgur, Gidra see's Avonia in ruin. "Tuqolka, I need some of your ships to take the civilians back to Denov safely. I know this will put you in danger, but I need you to split your fleet. We will take one half to aid Joss. Can you do this for us?" the Major General asked of the Republic's ally. Tuqolka knew the dangers of splitting his fleet, but he looked to Gidra and agreed. As the plan was set in motion, the transfer of colonists to one half of the Shatas Mira fleet began. The best of Tuqolka's forces and the 5th Mobile Corps transferred to the other half, led by Tuqolka's flag ship the Utep. It would take the Orgur about 2 days to deliver the colonists to Denov safely and another 2 days to rendezvous with the Utep and the rest of the fleet on Joss. This meant that the Katari fleet would be outnumbered by the Shari fleet, a position Tuqolka deemed precarious but necessary; However, they would likely arrive with ARN reinforcements. The men of the 5th Mobile Corps prepare themselves. Tired, hungry, and battle fatigued, they must suffer through the next few days in space on an alien ship, biding their time until they are tossed into the hostile environmental conditions of Joss against an enemy with superior capabilities. The brave militia fighters knew it was almost certain death, they saw what the Orgur did to Vone. The carnage that waited for them on Joss could only began to be imagined but would never compare to the reality. Regardless, everyone knew Joss was on the line. It didn't matter why the Shari didn't like humanity and why the Katari did. All that mattered was stopping Yargu before it was too late.

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