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The End of the 3rdIOC

2267, September 1st [FLASHBACK]: As Disciple 2 arrives in the Savannah sector, they warp within the proximity of a graveyard of debris high in orbit above the world. Strewn throughout visible space and within radar sensors is a vast ocean of destroyed interstellar vessels, belonging both to the AR and SE. Disciple 2 deduced that something had happened, most likely a battle. It wasn't until SER Revenant Alfie peeked out the observation deck towards Savannah that they had an inkling that something horribly wrong had happened. Savannah was covered in a gargantuan storm, enveloped in dark clouds and sporadic bursts of lightning. All radio frequencies were silent, there was no sound, just the empty void of space. But then at that moment, Disciple 2 detected a distress beacon from the ARN ISC Explorator deep within the debris field. As Disciple 2 made their approach with their stealth corvette, they noticed the Cruiser had been severely damaged, but was still mostly intact. They located a small hangar bay from which to dock. An eerie static filled the ship. Although it had been depressurized, its mag-lock artificial gravity systems were still functional. As Disciple 2 ventured further within the Explorator, they came across a strange scene. Huddled in a room, bodies of both AR & SE personnel; Not just soldiers, but SE naval crew as well, aboard an AR ship. It was odd to say the least. They wondered what had caused the SE crew to abandon their ships and board an AR cruiser? Then among the bodies, one moved. Alfie approached the wounded Scion Guard, who was paralyzed from the neck down. "What happened here?" the Revenant asked him. The Scion Guard struggled to breathe, coughing up blood as he spoke, he replied "Archons....they're real, God help us." Alfie looked back with concern towards Sgt. Dobri Sankovich. He proceeded. "Rank, name, and unit?" The Scion Guard spoke his final words "Lt. Boris Federov....3rd Imperial Operations Command." His head slumped back.

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