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The Emperor's Response

  1. 2267, August 9th: Emperor Milo Balthazar delivers a speech from the balcony of the Imperial Palace, in response to the attack on Scion Prime. "Mongol's! Destroyers of civilization! Brute beasts! Savages of old! Sub-human barbarians! Incapable of seeing the glory and unity of the Scion Brotherhood; The common inheritance of all man. We are all Scions of Earth! Descendants of a great species, humanity! But the ECF, like in the somber Battle for Terra, will never understand, neither will the rebels of the Amalgamate Republic. They gaze upon our mighty name and tremble; they fear what they cannot stop! The inevitable consummation of all that is Scion with the rest of the Universe! For God has intended we should fill it! The terrorists yesterday killed hundreds of thousands without hesitation, like they did in the Battle for Terra when they reigned down hell fire on the innocents of Earth. Rather than accept our triumphant liberation of Earth from their corrupted hands, they destroyed it; They destroyed the cradle of humanity. We Scions do not stoop to such lowly and cowardly attacks! We are the hammer of precision, when we strike, we kill our target and none others! When we invaded Earth, it was orchestrated tactfully, strategically, collateral damage was not option, for every man, women, and child is Scion! The blood of innocents covers the hands of the ECF, who to this day wish to subdue us, but they cannot stop us. We Scions are an inevitable wave that cannot be stopped, crushing the stone of the cliff, eroding away it's rock until it fails and collapses into the sea. We are the product of thousands of years of human civilization, the collective unconscious of all who have lived; We are the irresistible force. We fight for the survival of humanity! To propel us beyond this galaxy! But the Amalgamate Republic, the Earth Colonies Federation, the conspirators of this attack, and its financiers... They are all the rot of life, the cancer eating away at our bones. The freedoms they strive for are evil, they lead to degeneracy, corruption, they lead to weak men who create hard times. If we are to live! We must live like the Spartans of Ancient Greece! Strong and fit to survive; There is no place for corruptible minds in humanity, who sow death in their foolishness. I, your Emperor, vow to fight for your lives, for all who are Scions. I have built you an empire to last a million years, to feed you, clothe you, to teach you. This attack will not go unpunished. We will meet the Earth Colonies Federation and the Amalgamate Republic with a weapon never before seen. A weapon so devastating not a trace shall remain of them; This is my warning to the inhabitants of Biri and Gliese, surrender yourselves and save your lives; We welcome all who are willing to learn the Scion way of life. Surrender, before your destruction is complete." - Emperor Milo Balthazar

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