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The Clone Strikes

2267, September 5th [FLASHBACK]: From the confines of the widow's-nest, the clone of Dorgan Gunn assembles his G9 Marksman Rifle. The widow's-nest was created by the SER in the early construction of the Senate Hall, as a "back door" into the Senate Hall exclusively for contingencies that required political assassinations. As the clone peered through the ventilation system masquerading the nest, the memories of his former self came flooding through. The numerous combat missions Dorgan Gunn fought and prevailed through, for his brothers and sisters in arms, and for the Republic. As he homed in on the stage that the Prime Minister would soon be standing upon, the sounds from the past came to the forefront. He was soon re-living the memories, the blood, the sweat, the tears; Then he remembered. He remembered why he was there; Prime Minister Taron Gerard had betrayed him...he betrayed the clone and he betrayed Gunn. He made him into a pariah, branded him a war criminal, for his unquestionable loyalty to the Amalgamate Republic. Gunn always followed orders, even if they were morally questionable. The Prime Minister on the other hand cared too much about his image, and stabbed Gunn in the back, pinning him as the perpetrator of the nuclear attacks on Scion Prime, when it was Gerard who orchestrated it. The seconds on his watch tick by, only a few more and Gerard would give his emergency address to the Republic. The clone would get what he so desperately wanted, revenge, for himself and for Gunn. Admiral Carlson would soon get what he wanted as well, Gerard out of the way and more control over the affairs of the Republic. Prime Minister Taron Gerard soon walked out onto the stage, escorted by his private guard. The crowd of Senators were silent. He opened with the words "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants..." Then, the clone pulled the trigger.

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