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The Church of the Similitude of Christ Assembles

2267, September 9th: The Elders of the unified Church of the Similitude of Christ receive a vision, warning them of the evil which has been released from the cosmic abyss and the dark days which lie ahead. As representatives of the most high God, possessor of the Heaven and Earth, they call upon the members of the body of Christ, far and wide, across all denominations, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox, to stand as one against the spiritual wickedness of high places. The twenty-one billion Christian adherents throughout the Galaxy receives the message. Furthermore, Elder Barias Solomon calls for an immediate end to the civil war between humanity, denouncing the Emperor's actions; They also call upon the Amalgamate Republic to make peace with the Scion Empire before the "spiritual enemy conquers through division". In a letter to Grand Master Don Regulus of the Order of the Mons Templare, Elder Solomon implores him to relinquish the secrecy of his brotherhood and emerge to face the evil that approaches. The eight billion members of the Church of the Similitude of Christ join in prayer, and whispers of a new spiritual crusade abound.

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