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The Battle of the Caverns of Myrrh

2267, September 7th: Just as the SE's 32nd Combined Arm's Force begins the final assault against the AR survivors within the Caverns of Myrrh, the western and eastern flanks of the force report sudden loses. Radio chatter bursts with calls of unidentified hostiles within the perimeter and soaring casualties. The Force commander orders his units to switch to thermal optics, yet nothing is detected and the flanks continue to collapse. Then slowly, the Katari clan flotilla Shatas Mira casts its shadow over the Palagia Forest, enshrouding it in darkness. The 7th Scion Guard Regiment desperately tries to hold the flanks, but they are swiftly cut down by entities masked in refracted light. The Katari clan carrier "Udotep" deploys its fighters which decimate the 32nd's ground armor and light infantry elements. Within the Caverns the 5th Mobile Corps receive a quantum transmission from Denov, "Katari Clan reinforcements have arrived on Artemis and are actively engaged with the 32nd Combined Arms Force. Effective immediately, the 5th Mobile Corps is to cease protection detail of civilian populations and launch immediate counter-attacks against Scion Empire forces surrounding the Caverns of Myrrh". After receiving their orders, the 5th Mobile Corps commence their attack, with the 1st Air Cavalry Division spearheading the assault. Raptor dropships emerge from the caverns carrying the last of their best infantry, the 77th Regiment of Militia. As the Katari clan close in on the flanks of the 32nd Combine Arms Force, the 5th Mobile Corps drops forces directly on top of the enemy. As defeat is realized, the SE Force commander orders a full retreat, but by then it is too late. The retreating SE forces are brought to a quick end by Katari clan Ballast Bombs, acidic and corrosive weapons which can devour the strongest steel. Surrounded by the bodies of their foes, AR watchdogs and Katari clan warriors meet.

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