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The Battle of Savannah

2267, August 11th: The 13th Imperial Scarabs Company, 10th SGEU, and the 33rd Marines Division prepare a defense of the Northern Trenches just outside the ARMSCC shield defense grid. Dust clouds raise from the ARMSCC as hundreds of Ferrets and Amalgamate Republic tanks dash towards the enemy lines accompanied by thousands of Republic soldiers. Bombs rain down on the Scions from the massive air convoy of Strikebat bombers. A massive aerial battle ensues overhead as AR Hawk Interceptors engage the SE's Griffin fighters whose objective it is to destroy the bombers before they can neutralize friendly ground forces. Under a constant barrage, the Scion forces hold their ground. The Battle of Savannah begins under shroud of the fiercest dust storm seen on the planet in the last 100 years.

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