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The Assassination of Prime Minister Taron Gerard

2267, September 5th: Prime Minister Taron Gerard declares an Emergency session of the Senate. Most senators attend in person, others via hologram. Speculation and murmurs fill the Senate Hall as the Prime Minister takes center stage, surrounded by his entourage of Guards. The words of Selene were still fresh in his mind; He considered everything that she had said. The Prime Minister knew what he had to do. As he took to the podium, Gerard provided an opening statement. "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants..." As all ears in the Senate were fixated on the Prime Minister, they eagerly anticipated his next words. But then suddenly, a loud bang burst forth from amidst the Senate Hall. The Senators, media, audience members, and Guards were in shock. Taron Gerard fell dead, with a large exit wound in the rear of his right temple. His brain matter and blood covered the stage. Secretary of State Selene Shulz shrieked in terror, weeping uncontrollably, as Senate Guards restrained her and placed her under protective custody. Panic filled the Senate Hall, as the building was vacated. The senate session ended as the one of the darkest days in the Republic's history.

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