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2267, August 13th: The 13th Imperial Scarab Company and the 27th Scion Marines find an entrance beneath the rubble of the Northeastern Orbital Defense Cannon leading to the underground ARMSCC (Amalgamate Republic Militia Savannah Command Center). After authorization from Grand Admiral Kuichi Bushida, the two units are permitted to push deep within the AR's underground military complex. Many of its defenders are found dead along the way, believed to be due to partial subterranean collapse of the tunnels caused by the destruction of the ODC and subsequent tremors. Those who are still alive and capable of fighting back do not last long against the famed Imperial Scarabs from Mars, who make quick work of the rebels. They are now tasked with creating a foothold within the ARMSCC so that special strike teams can be brought into assist the 13th ISC and the 27th Scion Marines. Bushida believes that General Titus Millerand and Marshal Marco Santa Del Vigo can be found and captured alive, or killed, if necessary, if they are capable of locating the nerve center of the underground base; Because of this Bushida has made this entrance into the ARMSCC the prime focus of his mission to end the Battle of Savannah, by cutting off the head of the snake. Meanwhile, SE forces around the ARMSCC continue to face the onslaught of the AR's counter offensive, all they can do is hold the line and hope that their brothers are successful in finding and destroying the ARMSCC (edited)

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