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The 21st Interstellar Guard

2267, September 8th: In response to the withdraw of the AR from Artemis after the Battle of the Caverns of Myrrh, the Emperor has personally requested the 21st Interstellar Guard, a zealous veteran unit of the Imperial Scion Guard dating back to the Battle for Terra, to return order to the rebel planet. The 21st ISG are among the most elite of the Imperial Scion Guard and answer directly to the Emperor himself. To ensure that Artemis does not fall again to the secessionists of the Amalgamate Republic, the 21st ISG has been tasked with dismantling and destroying all cells and terror networks affiliated to the AR. In fact, there is no unit better for the job, since not only did the 21st ISG fight in the Battle for Terra, but many of them also partook in operations during the Bloody Decade in which the the Scion Empire waged a relentless counter-terrorism campaign against the Independent Colonies Movement.

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