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Terror Attack on Scion Prime

August 8th, 2267: - 6:00 AM: I.C.V Wagner Freighter fails security check at the Scion Prime Port Of Entry, proceeds to touch down on the Economic District Space Port. - 6:30 AM: Security forces are dispatched to seize the freighter and its ship's captain for violating port authority law. - 7:00 AM: Contact with security forces lost, first reports of gunmen in the EDSP emerge. - 7:30 AM: Scion Guard reinforcements are intercepted by heavily armed soldiers, tanks, and ECF Mechanoids. "This is Commander Kazuma, our mission is simple brothers & sisters. We must push through the Scion defenses and reach the heart of the Economic district. All ground forces are to support strike team 'Terran Martyrs' by escorting them to the plaza at the center of the district. Once we've reached our objective, I.... and my Mechanoid pilots.... will detonate the nuclear warheads at our designated zones; The Scions have hunted us down, to the last man, woman, & child. Today we visit them with fire and retribution; They have sown the wind and shall reap the whirlwind. DEATH TO SCION, GLORY TO TERRA!!!" - Commander Kazuma ECF forces fight their way through the Economic District of Scion Prime, catching the local forces completely by surprise. The Emperor has mobilized all nearby units including his personal Imperial Scion Guard on news that the IDI has obtained intelligence that the nuclear threat level is high and imminent and that the ECF mechanoids are rigged to self-destruct, casualties are inevitable. Forced by the grave danger presented to Scion Prime and the government of the Scion Empire, the Emperor has no choice but to use codename Archangel and Morning Star to stop the ECF forces before they can reach their targets to prevent maximum collateral damage.

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