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Survival of the Fittest

2267, August 30th: ECF fleet "Terran Liberty" wanders in the void of space; The refugee fleet of ECF colonists follows close behind. The people of the ECF are a proud kind; Many of them go back to the Terran bloodlines of prominent ECF oligarchs before the fall. They were the elite, the old money, the nobility; They viewed themselves as the rightful rulers of humanity, who had led human civilization through the great golden age, in which humanity thrived for over a hundred years, with lasting peace and technological advancements. After the destruction of Gliese, their last military stronghold was destroyed. But what the Scions didn't know, was that the ECF had harvested enough Zyther to evacuate a good number of Gliesians through a hyperspace gate, linked directly to Biri Z6X. Many of the Emperor's intended victims, had actually escaped long before the Lance of Apollo could claim them. However, many were not as fortunate and perished as the world's mantle cracked. Now, the Terran Liberty fleet prepares to exhaust its final Zyther supply to open another wormhole. Their destination? Ezutania. Ezutania was discovered on July 30th, 2267, by the Amalgamate Republic; A planet sitting in the goldilocks zone, with habitable conditions. For almost a month, AR settlers have flocked to colonize this unexplored world, which is now the furthest human colony from Earth to date. ECF Governor General Thomas Horn intends to colonize Ezutania alongside the AR settlers peacefully, with or without Prime Minister Taron Gerard's approval. Before the hyperspace tunnel opens to take them across the galaxy, Thomas Horn gives a speech, declaring that a "new beginning" for the ECF has arrived.

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