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Subject: Duntana

2267, June 19th: Agent Karov: "What is it Doctor..." Dr. Hitchins: "It appears to be human... but her readings are off the charts. Brain activity is greater than the average human by a factor of 30. The DNA? Triple helix with a base pair which we've never seen before - Atypical of the normal ATGC & U bases. When isolated, the 3rd strand of DNA indicates something, unnatural - A silicone structure. If I had to guess Agent, I'd say we are dealing with a hybrid human. Agent Karov: "How old is the Sarcophagus?" Dr. Hitchins: "Radiometric dating suggests it has to be at least twenty three million years old...and the materials that comprise it are like nothing we've ever seen before" Agent Karov: "Dr. Hitchins, place this thing into stasis. I will escort you and her to the Emperor. You will explain to him everything you told me."

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