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Strategic Mobilization

2267, September 1st: As the Day of Triumph and its subsequent parades and celebrations conclude on Scion Prime, Emperor Balthazar signs the "Galactic Crisis" decree, mobilizing the eleven-remaining active-duty legions. The 13th Scion Reservist Legion is placed on active-duty due to the MIA status of the 3rd Scion Legion. A total of 6,000,000 men are mobilized; Not including 50,000,000 reservists (one-hundred legions) which can be called up at a moment's notice. Balthazar conducts high level meetings with the Grand Scions Joint Command. Grand Scion's Dmitri Sokolov, Markus Slovak, and Albert Dollian, heads of Scion Imperial Army. Grand Scion's Shen Zhang, Nicholas Plutarch, heads of the Scion Imperial Navy. Grand Scion William Grant, head of the Imperial Department of Intelligence. Grand Scion's Amelia Wong and Gonzalo Rodriguez, heads of the Scion Imperial Air Force. All except Grand Scion Kuichi Bushida, who is missing along with the 3rd Imperial Armada in the Savannah sector. At the "Icosahedron" a mile high structure on Scion Prime serving as the headquarters of the IDI, they meet to review their war goals. Although they have failed to secure an unconditional surrender from the Amalgamate Republic, the Emperor and the GSJC agree that they have successfully prevented the AR and their forces from gaining any more colonies since the start of the war which has lasted roughly five months. The retribution against the ECF was successful. Spies report that the AR have also lost contact with the 7th fleet and ground forces in the Savannah sector; Giving credit to the Emperor's suspicion that a 3rd party, potentially the Archons themselves has intervened. While the AR have regained a foothold on Artemis, the SE's 3rd Conscript Division still remains in possession of Colony Irene, which can be used as a staging area to deliver reinforcements from nearby Scion Delta. On the matter of Gliese, the Emperor reveals to his loyal subjects that it was always his intention to destroy the world with the Lance of Apollo. Gliese was rich in Zyther, which could have been harnessed by their enemies to launch more deadly attacks against the Scion Empire, such as the surprise raid of Ark One, which almost led to the killing of Emperor Balthazar himself. The ECF, through their cowardly attack on Scion Prime, only hardened his resolve to eradicate the Gliesian's and their world. All members of the GSJT, too being members of the Guardians Committee, discuss the preparations required should the Archonic threat have returned. While they have built up their forces over the last several years for such a moment, the unexpected Scion Conflict and Incursion by the Awakened have left the Scion Empire weaker than they should be. They suspect the Archonic hand has been moving in the shadows, since the fall of the ECF and the United Worlds Council. They believe they seek to continue what they have started, but are not sufficient in power to invade in full; They even suggest they could be behind the war. Balthazar instructs the GSJT that it should be there priority to capture what remaining Firstborn artifacts they can find, before their enemies can use them against the Empire. The high level meetings at the Icosahedron conclude with the battle plan to form a defensive perimeter around Scion Empire space with a corridor for reinforcements to Artemis. If the reports from spies are true, indicating that Ezutania is rich in Zyther, the Amalgamate Republic may soon be attacked by the Archons who will seek to harvest the mineral to grow in power. Thus the Scion Empire will await the reconnaissance report of the 3rd Imperial Command on the status of Savannah and the presence of any Archonic forces. With the goals and objectives set out, the Emperor and the GSJT conclude the meeting.

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