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Special Service Division

2267, September 3rd: After a few days, Ghoul's existence has been effectively erased. The MDF puts all suspicion that Ghoul could be alive to rest. Through organ cloning and tissue samples, Governor Ryce concocts a believable story, that after failing to comply with his arrest warrant, Ghoul turned to violence; In his supposed escape he left a "wake of destruction" killing several MDF personnel. After commandeering a shuttle, he was considered an "eminent danger to the Emperor" and subsequently shot down. The IDI bought the cover, received his cloned organs and tissue as evidence, and listed Ghoul, a.k.a Samson Khan as dead. However, at this time the rumors had already circulated. Samson Khan brought Dorgan Gunn to justice. Who had leaked the intel within the IDI was not known, but Samson Khan became somewhat of a hero within the Empire as news broke out that he had brought Gunn to his demise. Fearing backlash from labeling him a turncoat or traitor, the IDI simply ordered the MDF to keep the nature of his death a secret, instead, they would fabricate a propaganda piece, how the brave IDI operative succumbed to his wounds after his battle against Dorgan Gunn. Of course, Ghoul wasn't really dead. He was transferred into the Martian Defense Force under orders of Governor Bolton Ryce and assumed command of the SSD (Special Service Division) one of the most elite units of the MDF responsible for covert and paramilitary operations. The SSD work closely with the Order of the Mons Templare, a Christian order of the MDF consisting mostly of veterans of the Battle for Terra who specialize as shock troopers; These two groups are considered the most secretive and highly prized warriors in the galaxy; Not even the Emperor himself are aware of their existence. Together, elements of the Mons Templare and SSD move in on the remains of the Ark One facility on Mars, where the Emperor was conducting secret experiments, under the nose of the Martians.

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