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Space Battle of Hydra II

2267, August 8th: In a cunning move, Grand Admiral Kuichi Bushida lays out a trap for the reinforcing AR fleets. Using the cover of Savannah's moon, Hydra II, Bushida hides the majority of his force, making the AR believe they had the upper hand against an inferior force. Bushida engaged the 1st, 3rd, & 5th fleet before feigning a retreat towards Hydra II. Narrowly escaping death and the destruction of his battlegroup, the remainder of the Steel Stars Naval Force (1st & 3rd Imperial Armada's) spring into action, annihilating the Amalgamate Republic 1st Fleet and sending the 3rd and 5th Fleet back to full retreat towards their Capital, Denov; Leaving the ground forces on Savannah to fend for themselves. Grand Admiral Kuichi Bushida secures a great victory for the Scion Empire and retribution for their previous naval defeat in the Battle of Angelos Nebula.

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