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2267, August 20th: As Omega Dawn enters the underground complex, halls filled with emissive alien-like writing and technology encompass them. They enter into the main chamber surrounded by stone and cloaked in a blue light emanating from a towering crystal, just like the kind they saw in the ruins, only megalithic. There, a man in Sentinel Armor stood before the structure, interacting with some sort of console. It was Dorgan Gunn. He stood there, as Omega Dawn began to surround him. "End of the line, Gunn" Ghoul said, "You will answer for your crimes." Gunn chuckled and turned around to face them, "You have no idea what's coming Ghoul, I am trying to save humanity." Ghoul replied, "By targeting civilians?" Gunn bowed his head, "...It was necessary to strike Scion Prime, Project Gemini will be the end of us. His children are a danger to our species, it's only a matter of time before they stop serving the Emperor, and serve their creators....the Archons are here Ghoul." Ghoul raised his weapon and shouted zealously "Enough of your lies! The Emperor will save us, just as he did before. Whatever Balthazar is planning, it will work. Now, drop your weapons and come with me, I'm placing you under arrest." Gunn looked at Ghoul in the eye and said, "You know I can't do that Ghoul; I have a mission to finish, now get out of my way..." A few moments of silence filled the chamber, then Gunn made his move.

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