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Shari Clan Invasion of Joss

2267, September 7th: On Joss, radar facilities begin to track in-bound celestial objects touching down 75 miles from Avonia, the largest colony on the planet. AR patrols are sent to investigate the anomalies, fearing a potential incursion by Scion Empire forces; It would not be the first time. Since the raid on Joss conducted by Admiral Plutarch and the 1st Imperial Armada, the planet has been on high alert. However, as AR cold-weather prepped forces venture deep into the frozen wasteland, they begin to doubt an incursion is the cause, because the location is neither strategically valuable nor survivable for extended periods of time. Air patrols find nothing, and ground-mobile scouts report no sightings. Without warning, Raptor pilots of the 8th Air Calvary Division go missing. Their final transmissions are the audible sounds of crunching bones and violent screaming before the lone sound of the howling wind. AR forces scramble to the last known position of the pilots, but on the way, are surprise-attacked by Shari clan warriors, who's vast army begin to fill the wasteland. Approaching them with Orgur Throm tanks and aerial vehicles, the AR forces are quickly decimated in the snowstorm. Avonia sounds the alarm and prepares the militia, as the advancing Shari clan forces assemble to annihilate the colony.

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