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SFC. Alex "Drifter" Rosikiewiz

2267, September 2nd [FLASHBACK]: High in the sky over Savannah, a lone entry vehicle blazes through the atmosphere, as burning debris follows closely behind. It reaches terminal velocity and draws closer to the ground, suddenly the vehicle deploys its descent thrusters before making a hard landing against the marshy soil of Savannah's southern lowlands, far from any colony. The doors burst open. From within, SFC. Alex "Drifter" Rosikiewiz of Chimera Squad, 3rd IOC, emerged unscathed. He attempted to establish communication with survivors, although he wasn't sure there was anyone else left alive. Using the entry vehicle's internal communication system, he tried to radio in the others on the 3rd IOC's long-range radio net. "This is Charlie Sierra-03 to Mike-06, how copy?" No response. "Damn it! Is anyone else alive!?", Drifter yelled into the comms. The sinking reality that his brothers and sisters in arms may have all been whipped out in one single moment set in. Drifter clenched his fist and punched into the metallic hull of the vehicle, leaving a dent. What he saw on the ICS Explorator scarred him for life, it changed him. As it turns out, the briefings forewarning them about the existence of the Archons were true, although he was skeptical when Cpt. Aaron Rush described them. Now, Drifter wasn't even sure who was left alive, as far as he knew, he was the last surviving member of the 3rd IOC. Though he had hope that Cpt. Rush, Sgt. Rindal, and some others managed to escape in the other entry vehicles; However, the memories of half the unit having been destroyed before his eyes at the hands of something...evil...was seared into his mind. Alone in the swampy marshes of the southern lowlands, Drifter prepped his gear and began the long trek to find the nearest human settlement.

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