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Servants of Evil

2267, September 4th: New recruits of the Solar Blood Hands train on Savannah, united under the watchful eyes of the Archonic masters. Thousands in droves willingly severe their allegiances to serve the Archons. Many are simply impressed to feel a "connection" so strong. Some call it psychic, some call it spiritual. All they know is that for once in their lives they truly are not alone. It's as if the Archons live within them. The minions together see as one, hear as one, operate as one. Some do it for power, some for lust, some for greed, some because they had nothing left. Whatever their hearts desired, the Archons promised it all. The Flayed Ones in their anguish and despair seek death but do not find it. They suffer the worst fate of all, to become a mindless thrall, a puppet to the will of the Overlords. Better to become a willful servant, many of the zealots say, than to live and not exist; They agree, death is a better fate. Under the guidance of Lord Maximus Lanzo, the Solar Blood Hands prepare the surviving masses on Savannah to worship Abaddon or perish. Upon the Conduits, many will accept, and many will refuse; Blood will flow.

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