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Scion's Counterattack

2267, August 28th: Off in the distance from the Katari staging area of the Sha'tas Mira fleet, dust clouds rise from the east. Katari guards gaze in confusion. As the clouds draw nearer, they begin to make out the sight of thousands of Al-Saheim camel mounted warriors followed by infantry and Scion Empire Mantis tanks; Leading the charge is Aziz Melek, Imam of the Al-Saheim. The unprepared Katari Clan warriors attempt to mount a defense and the two armies clash in close quarters combat. Mantis tanks simply flatten the lines of Katari Clan warriors, who are caught in the tracks and gears of the machines. The Al-Saheim charge through them, lifting their heads from off their shoulders with ancient weaponry. The Scion Marines follow in concert, running through the Katari with their bayonets. The Katari warriors fight but do not prevail against the swarm of Al-Saheim camel riders. As they overrun the Katari staging area, the Mantis tanks get into firing positions and knock down the remaining Orgur drop ships attempting to evacuate the stragglers. As the blue fiery concoctions of Orgur chemicals and fuel explode and lay waste to the camp, the Vonians cheer in victory. The Al-Saheim begins to chant as their enemy from space falls before them. "Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!" They turn to their leader, Aziz Melek, whose brilliant strategy and tactics allowed them to attain the victory. As the crowds of thousands of warrior's praise Aziz, he grabs the wrist of his comrade, Master General Korvitz Mana, and raises it in the air. The soldiers cheer. Soon the Al-Saheim cry aloud, "Aziz Melek, Al-Mahdi! Aziz Melek, Al-Mahdi! Aziz Melek, Al-Mahdi!" They see him as the fulfillment of the Mahdi promised in the Quaran who would defeat the one-eyed dajjal and unite all of the Muslim world.

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