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2267, August 23rd: After leaving Earth, Agent Ghoul knew what he had to do, where he had to go. He followed the leads given to him by SSG. Sankovich. Somewhere on Artemis, the killers of his family were still walking. SER Revenants Alexi Medvedev, Tristan Cordeja, and Justin Horn were dead men breathing. Ghoul infiltrated the compound housing the agents working with the 5th Mobile Corps to re-secure the planet. One by one, he slew them, saving the ring leader for last. Ghoul confronted Horn and asked him if he remembered killing his wife and little girl on Mars. Horn chuckled, "Yeah, I remember those two, they begged for their lives." Horn attempted to draw his sidearm, but Ghoul had already closed in, his blade pierced above Horns left clavicle, severing his aorta. Horn collapsed to the ground as he choked on his own blood, before Ghoul kneeled next to him, grabbed his face and starred into his widened and terrified eyes. Then Ghoul told Horn, "You're dying now, nothing you can do will change that. I'm the last thing you'll ever see."

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