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Recovering the Dead

2267, August 21st: After intercepting communications from the IDI that Omega Dawn had located Gunn, Disciple 2 sprang into action as the nearest Disciple team to Earth. But by the time they tracked Omega Dawn to Puerto Rico, it was already too late. They found a lone IDI Agent preparing to load Gunn's body into the back of his Raptor Dropship. Disciple 2 put down their corvette and secured the area. Ghoul dropped his weapon as Disciple 2 moved in to secure Commander Dorgan Gunn's body. That's when SSG Anton "Dobri" Sankovich, SL of Disciple 2 approached Ghoul. "He was one of our best," Sankovich said to Ghoul as his lifeless body was carried past him. "But he wasn't that different from you. The Scion Empire killed Gunn's family at the start of the war, took his wife and kid from him, just like SER took yours..." he said with remorse. We don't all support what he did to Scion Prime, but when a man's family is taken from him, the wake of revenge takes many more lives and destroys countless more families; He could never find the ones who killed his family, and so every Scion became his enemy, even the civilians. So, I'm offering you a choice Ghoul, make your peace, before it destroys you too." SSG. Sankovich reached into his pocket and handed Ghoul ID dossiers of every SER operator responsible for the slaying of his family back on Mars. Before the war, an extremist group within SER had identified civilian targets for assassination should the Scion Empire invade Artemis and start the conflict; Many of these targets where affiliated to high-ranking members of the SE, such as Ghoul. Sankovich took a deep breath, "And when you've had your revenge, remember who helped you to get it."

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