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Public Outcry

2267, September 5th: Riots break out at the Capital of Denov, New Eleutheria. The city burns as Socialist Party (SP) supporting mobs take to the streets. The target of the uprising is the Prime Minister's residence, the House of Liberty. The anger is caused by leaked recordings circulating throughout social media indicating Prime Minister Taron Gerard laundered money from various "secret financiers" through charities, which were inevitably used to back the ECF's nuclear terror attack on Scion Prime. The source of the leak originates from within the illusive "Sector of Espionage and Reconnaissance". During the riot, Senate Republican Guard are dispatched to protect the Prime Minister's residence. Senator Michael Giordana urges calm among NPP (Nationalist Populist Party) members; He calls for restraint against the Socialist Party members. As the riots escalate, a bomb is detonated near the prime minister's residence, killing some guards. The Senate Republican Guard open fire on the members of the mob identified as high threats to the safety of Taron Gerard. Several are killed, many more detained. Socialist Party majority leader, Senator Alice O'Brien denounces Taron Gerard as a "horrendous monster, worse than Dorgan Gunn" for his supposed lead role in the attack on Scion Prime, which claimed mostly civilian lives. ICP majority leader Senator Dominick Cassio stays silent and declines public comment; However, news media sources have reported that many ICP Senators including Cassio have fled off world.

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