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2267, September 2nd: Dr. Jennifer Montok, neurosurgeon and professor at the Denov University makes an alarming correlation. Her months of research into recent strings of psychological behavioral symptoms show that symptoms may actually not be due to a natural biological disease. She has discovered that that in many cases victims experienced auditory hallucinations, usually preceded by a "strange hum" and "frequency" . Moreover many who watched the Denov Prime Time Show incident, reported experiencing this same hum after witnessing the live broadcast of the Frontier Expeditionary Pioneer's on Ezutania. Her more long term patients show more severe psychological effects. The most notable of which are incoherent rambling, rabid rage and anger, incontrollable impulses, hurting of ones self, and near permanent psychosis. Many of the patients report serving an "Overlord" and have had ties to the Solar Blood Hands or have encountered members of the Solar Blood Hands. CT, MRI, and EMRI imaging shows severe deterioration of the brain of many victims of this disease, damage which is irreversible. Dr. Montok has since dubbed this strange illness as Psycho-Traumatic-Brain-Deterioration-Syndrome. A disease which gradually "devours the mind", caused by external unnatural influences. However before she can publish her research, her work is intercepted by the SER. She is sub-sequentially recruited into the SER under the orders of Chief Director Carlson.

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