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Project Duntana

2267, July 28th: Over the last month, the Emperor has raised Duntana as if she were his own, with guidance from the best Doctors & Scientists in the Scion Empire. Her memories of her former life, her people, and civilization have faded. At a greater pace than normal humans, she learns the culture, language, and traditions of the Scion Empire. She views them as her kin, even though she understands there is something "different" about her. The Emperor, one of the most skilled warriors in the Galaxy, trains her to become a lethal weapon against his foes. Honing her skills in martial arts and her supernatural abilities such as Psychokinesis, telepathy, and pyrokinesis stemming from what scientist have dubbed "biometagenesis", simply meaning life beyond the source, in the traditional sense. More studies are done of her biological composition and research has pinpointed that her 3rd strand of DNA, primarily composed of Silicone, is the origin of her superhuman nature. Theoretically, Duntana is half human and half "alien", technically making her the most powerful known human in existence.

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