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Prisoners of War

2267, June 15th: Surviving ground forces of the SE surrender to the AR on Mara 9. With no command and control left in the sector, all attempts to launch effective counter attacks crumbled before they could even begin. The AR's Sector of Espionage & Reconnaissance uncovered a sophisticated smuggling operation by the SE using organized crime to transport disguised Scion Guard posing as insurrectionists across the region to pay & recruit mercenaries for the attack on Novos Caldan. It has also been confirmed that Novos Caldan was destroyed neither by orbital strikes or nuclear weapons, but by the S.E.S Legion that warped in above the city, causing a shock wave that leveled multiple buildings. At this time, the "insurrectionists" already had control of the city. In order to prevent any more deaths & kidnapping of high ranking senators, AR orbital platforms engaged the Legion and destroyed it, resulting in chain reaction explosion of nuclear fissile material in it's cold fusion reactors.

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