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Preparing for the Storm

2267, August 14th: The 1st Scion Marauder Corps completes a joint training exercise with the 1st Imperial Armada on Scion Prime. They will be joining the 1st Imperial Armada which will be led by Emperor Balthazar, the Supreme Commander, and his second in command, Admiral Plutarch; The legendary Admiral who was the first commanding officer to lead Scion Empire forces against the AR at the start of the Scion Conflict on Artemis. Although defeated in the Angelos Nebula by the ARN, Plutarch and his forces hold high esteem in the eyes of the Emperor. The 1st Imperial Armada and the 1st Scion Marauder Corps are some of the many notable forces that made significant gains at the start of the war by reclaiming Artemis from the hands of the AR rebels. The 1st Imperial Armada will be joined by the 5th and 7th Imperial Armada combining into the "Scion Vengeance Naval Force" to conduct Operation Retribution, as the Emperor plans on utilizing his new super weapon on the ECF hold-out world of Gliese.

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