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Posthumous Insurgency

2267, August 23rd: As Vone falls to the hand of the illusive alien force, some within the Scion Empire refuse to surrender. Elements of resistance soon catch on to the fact that the occupiers are hesitant to inflict civilian casualties and are mainly targeting key military & government infrastructure. An order is issued to recruit civilians into a large network of loyalist guerilla fighters, supported by an even larger logistical branch. The "Vone Defense Force" is born and placed under the command of the Master General Korvitz Mana, CO of the 9th Scion Guard Division. Improvised explosives are planted by plain clothes fighters near Awakened checkpoints and processing facilities, taking scores of the occupiers in fiery blasts. Locals who have taken up arms, some with experience, some without, soon join the vanguard of the Scion Empire, Scion Guard, on frontline missions against the Awakened. Alien shuttles ferrying supplies from their fleet in orbit down to the surface are routinely shot down by hit & run MANPAD teams. The Master General implements the Judicial Hammer of the Emperor, a wartime law that enables execution of prisoners under circumstances which threaten the national security of the Scion Empire - He deems the Awakened an "abomination" and "threat to the very existence of humanity," ordering any who are captured to be exterminated. Thus, the sentiment grows among the population of Vone that the only way to defeat the invaders, is by retaliating with utter brutality and precision.

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