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Political Crisis

"I don't care what laws you have to break Selene. Half the fucking galaxy has listened to those recordings. Those bastards in SER are trying to bring me down. Declare an emergency, you think I have the luxury to give a damn about optics right now?! We're in the middle of a fucking war for crying out loud!" Taron Gerard yelled at his subordinate, Secretary of State, Selene Shulz. Selene was also the mistress of Taron Gerard, who he had a secret affair with. She was a powerful woman in the Republic, not only being Secretary of State, but privy to the personnel details and life of the Prime Minister. Selene immediately shot back, "No shit they want to take you down. You're sitting on a whole new planet Taron. Ezutania is the richest planet to date. Overflowing with Zyther and its ripe for the taking; and you gave it to the people. You think the rats that run SER are happy with that?" she expressed frustratingly. Selene continued, trying to get Taron to see it her way. "Look babe, the cat is out of the bag. Own up to it and fuck what the Socialist's think; Some of them just tried to kill you. You've pandered to them for far too long. Declaring an emergency will divide the Republic, that's just what they want. Reveal the truth. You know as much as I do that Giordana supported the attack on Scion Prime. You will win allies in the NPP if you come out and confess your involvement - As for the SP, offer them a deal, that'll shut them up." Selene got closer to Taron, lapsing into his arms, gazing up at his eyes. "You wanted a quick end to the war. You wanted to send the Emperor a message...that no where is safe, not even on his pathetic Capital; That's why you did it. Those Scion loyalists that died? They were the price of war, a war the Emperor started. You did it for the Republic, for liberty. You know, like Thomas Jefferson said, the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants..."

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