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Political Backlash

2267, August 9th: In a surprising turn of events, the National Populist Party of the Amalgamate Republic, the largest political party in the AR, blocks the bid to declare war against the ECF by 3 votes in the AR Senate - Defeating the Socialist Party and the Independent Colonies Party (Taron Gerard's party). Formally without the support of the Senate, the Prime Minister is unable to fund or orchestrate military operations against the ECF. Furthermore, Senate President, Senator. Michael Giordana (member of the NPP), rebuttals the Prime Minister's denouncement of Commander Dorgan Gunn, calling him instead a "Hero of the Republic." "In all my years, I would've never thought to see the Republic we are fighting to establish turn into a kangaroo court! The Prime Minister is not our Emperor! In the Republic, we have due process, we have political freedoms, we represent the people; And today, the people of the Amalgamate Republic have reminded the Senate and the Prime Minister that we will not stand for offensive war, neither will we declare those who have fought bravely for our liberty as so called "traitors" and "war criminals". Commander Dorgan Gunn has been at the frontline of every battle against the Scion Empire since the Emperor began this conflict. The 103rd Regiment of Militia has been critical to the success of our newly formed space nation against incursions of the Scion Empire. It was him who repelled them on Mara 9, when the 1st Imperial Armada was on our doorstep! Ready to seize our freedoms! Many of my peers will not see eye to eye with me, but let the Scions burn in hell! We gave them peaceful demands, they chose war. Do you not remember the innocents who died on Artemis!? Do you not remember the civilians who perished on Mara 9? Need I remind you all of Novos Caldon! When the Scion Empire destroyed an entire city!? And it was because of the efforts of Dorgan Gunn that we did not lose the entire planet! Even now as we speak in this very room, the Scions obliterate our command centers on Savannah! The nerve of the Prime Minister, to declare our brave commander, a war criminal. The Scions must answer for their crimes, they started this war and we will finish it! I yield the remainder of my time to the Senator from Joss." - Senator. Michael Giordana

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