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Disciple 2 Planet-side on Savannah

2267, September 3rd [FLASHBACK]: "This is Vanguard 6! Anyone copy!? Over....." Dobri exhaled, before looking back at the drop pod behind him. He can't recall how they got planet-side, vague memories bubble up, something horrible had happened on the ICS Explorator and Disciple 2 was now separated in hostile territory. REV Valentine climbed out of the pod, disoriented by the turbulent drop, he vomited on the ground. Dobri helped Valentine regain his bearings. They scanned the surrounding area. They had landed in a swamp, somewhere in the Southern Lowlands of Savannah. It was quiet, dark, and cloudy. Off in the distance a mysterious glowing light could be seen. The others of Disciple 2 had landed far off. In groups of 3 or 2, they were separated by several kilometers from each drop pod. Soon the members of Disciple 2 realized they were not alone. The Archons had detected their drop pods enter the atmosphere and had dispatched their forces through conduits in the area. Soon, Solar Blood Hand patrols emerged from the hyper-portals, followed by Acolyte Scout's drones. Gradually, each group devised a plan to regain contact with one another. By scavenging from dead SBH patrols and searching through crash sites, the separated groups re-establish short range communications. Among them, survivors of the 3rd IOC, SFC. Rosikiewiz and others band together with the survivors of D2. They had put their differences aside aboard the Explorator when they realized they faced a greater threat. After hours of searching for one another and finally regrouping, D2 and the remnants of the 3rd IOC follow the strange glow off in the distance until they stumble upon an Archon Conduit, there they find strange artifacts. Now under heavy attack by the damned, D2 retreats back into the swamps, but not before gathering recorded data of the conduit. Survivors of the ARN on Savannah lead D2 to an abandoned outpost, where they find transportation.

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