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Planet Killer

2267, August 22nd: AR forces around the galaxy receive news of the destruction of Gliese by the Scion Empire. First, it came in as a flood of unconfirmed rumors, then intelligence and reconnaissance reports shed light on the horrifying details. The planet itself was annihilated. Panic spread throughout the chamber of the Senate and AR high command as news of what has been dubbed the first "planet killer" weapon is confirmed, a weapon which is now in possession of the SE. The news soon breaks out throughout the frontier, as AR media struggles to grapple with the reality of the weapon. Many wondered, could their world be next? Scientists and scholars commented on the fact that humanity at this point is only in the early stages of a Type II civilization; However, a weapon of this power would require the technology of Type IV civilization on the Kardashev scale. How the SE acquired such technological advancements in such little time is a mystery to many in the AR, but high command is aware of their experiments with Firstborn technology, which to this day is not public knowledge - However given the circumstances, Prime Minister Taron Gerard prepares to give a public emergency announcement on these matters.

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