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Outbreak Contained

2267, August 26th: Almost two weeks after the initial breakout of the contagion caused by Biometagenesis spores, Omega Dawn (under the temporary command of Lt. Carter) successfully eradicates the infected. Close contacts are monitored for "spontaneous mutation" a phase when the Biometagenesis spores begin to wreak genetic havoc throughout the central nervous system, which leads to erratic violence, bleeding from orifices' and beyond human strength. Scientists working on Ritov collect the latest data and findings from the cadavers of the infected. Although the leak of this powerful genetic material was disastrous for Ritovians, new information was learned. Dr. Harper, the chief scientist of Project Hercules noted that the "intended effects are present" but that the genetic cocktail needs more "attenuation and compatibility with human adults." With Ritov secure, Omega Dawn prepares for their next orders.

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